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Crochet Doll Pattern

Skill Level: Easy.
Yarn Suggestion: Best with a fine to medium weight yarn. Use up your scraps. Of course you have to use natural wool for the sheep, and Llama wool for the Llama.

This pattern has variations for two little sheep sizes 4" and 3" tall. Very quick to make, and very fun. Llama is made much the same as the sheep and end up about 7" tall. Quick and majorly cute.


As with all SpinCraft Patterns this item can be worked to a variety of sizes and use almost any yarn. Use a larger yarn, and a larger needle and you will end up with a larger doll. Smaller yarn and needles will result in a smaller product. You are the designer!

Save Money! Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. You can get a great deal on this pattern when matched with its other themed patterns in our DOWNLOAD PATTERN SET under FOR FUN, titled, "Little Dolls."

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