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Sewn Doll Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate.
Material Suggestion: I like to make mine with handspun, woven and felted material, but often dip into my scrap pile for something fuzzy. If buying your material, look for similar. Knit sweater just needs a few ounces.

This is a cut-and sew doll that can be made from handwoven material - or use store-bought. To keep him warm, knit a little sweater from your stash of left over yarn. This pattern uses a special doll making technique that I call the "One Stuff" method. Instead of stuffing arms and legs, and handstitching to body of doll, the whole thing is assembled in such a way that you have an entire hollow doll to stuff in one step.


As with all SpinCraft Patterns this doll can be made with a variety of materials and colors. You are the designer!

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