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 Doll Sewing Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate.
Material Suggestion: I like to use handspun, woven and felted material for my bears. You can use anything from your scrap pile or go look for something fuzzy at the store. This is a cut and sew pattern for a 20" bear. This very nicely crafted pattern can be made with material from any small loom--or go out and buy something from the store. It has plastic joints in the legs and arms (can be purchased in any craft store). Knit him up some overalls and a woven vest and he is quite a dapper bear. I like to add a little music box to squeeze in the tummy so he can sing the Teddy Bear Song.

Complete words to the Teddy Bear Song are included in the pattern so you can sing along.

As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns this item can be made with a variety of materials. You are the designer!

Save Money! Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. You can get a great deal on this pattern when matched with its other themed patterns in our DOWNLOAD PATTERN SET under FOR FUN, titled, "Dolls." 

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