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Colorful Sock Pattern

Skill Level: Intermediate. Looks harder than it is. All color patterns are charted and very easy.
Yarn Suggestion: Best with a fine to medium weight yarn. Will need approximately 5 to 6 ounces for socks. And another 5 to 6 ounces for gloves.


These look difficult, but they are easy. Use up all your scrap yarn on the simple four-stitch color patterns. Fingers on the gloves are knit each one in a different color. It's fun. Instructions for turning the heel on the socks, and making the fingers on the gloves are surprisingly easy. Don't be afraid to try this project.


As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns this item can be knit to any size, using almost any yarn. What you will do is measure yourself, measure the gauge that comes from your yarn, and then perform some easy calculations to get the figures needed to knit this piece. You are the designer!

Save Money! Over the years SpinCraft Patterns have been designed following certain themes. You can get a great deal on this pattern when matched with its other themed patterns in our DOWNLOAD PATTERN SET under ACCESSORIES titled "Colorful Socks."

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