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Basketweave Baby Blanket

Easy and Quick to Make!

This is a quick and relaxing project with a simple basketweave pattern for the body of the blanket. Edging is picked up and knit in a double seed stitch.

Yarn Choice

Baby blankets should be soft, which will eliminate all but the finest wools from your fiber selection. Cotton, or even acrylic, is a great choice as the new mother will be able to machine wash; she’ll never have time to hand wash a blanket!


As with all SpinCraft Patterns, you can use any yarn and make any size. Very often fiber artists are limited to the amount of yarn they have on hand. Not a problem with this pattern as that is exactly what I did! I knit up my white yarn until it was gone, and then edged with a chunky pink.

This pattern can be used to make all baby blanket sizes:

  • Cradle: 23” x 28”
  • Car Seat 26” x 26”
  • Crib 30” x 36”
  • Toddler 36” x 52”

Knitting Pattern is available as an instant download to your computer!

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