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Buttonholes in Knitted Garments

I am in agreement with Barbara Walker in "Knitting From The Top" about buttonholes - knitted pieces should have small buttons and the best buttonhole is done with a YO. Large buttons hang and droop, and look awful, detracting from the style of the knitting. Around here in Idaho - it is a big thing to use elk horn, and moose horn buttons on sweaters - I tried in vain to make those big things look nice on a knitting pattern - and now am adamant about the use of small buttons in knitted garments.

I do not find a horizontal buttonhole to EVER be acceptable. I do, however, see an occasional use for a vertical buttonhole, even though they are a pain to make.

The best way to space buttonholes in a garment:

I think it is better to count the number of rows between buttonholes instead of measuring each space. This makes the placement more accurate. Since I like to use small buttons placement should also be close together - my favorite placement (on an adult piece) is 2". It is often a good idea to place two buttonholes in the bottom rib of a garment and one in the top rib.