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Three Vest Patterns in this Pack

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Three easy crochet vests made in a variety of ways. Pieced with motifs, or crocheted all in one piece. Try your hand at Irish Crochet.

Great to crochet.


  • Crochet Cotton Vest: I made mine with handspun cotton, but any fiber will do for this design. Small blocks are crocheted then stitched together. This is a perfect "take-along" project as the small squares fit easily in a bag, and you don't have to think while you make your squares. When I was done with my project I missed making my little squares for months!
  • Easy Crochet Vest: Vest starts at bottom. Collar is created by simple decreases. You'll be amazed how it works.
  • Irish Crochet Vest: Same as Easy Vest with an Irish Crochet stitch.

By downloading these three patterns you pay less than the price of two individually mailed! And you don't pay for shipping -- That adds up to big savings.

Yarn Suggestion: Good with virtually any yarn! Will need approximately 6-12 ounces per vest, depending on size.


As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns these items can be knit to any size, using almost any yarn. What you will do is measure yourself, measure the gauge that comes from your yarn, and then perform some easy calculations to get the figures needed to knit this piece. You are the designer!

And best of all ... You can download all these patterns instantly into your computer!

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