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Can you do a double flip off your bunk, slam against the wall and still land on your feet?  Well, meet Brad.  He's been flipping since before he could walk and flips into a wonderful adventure in BOUNCING BRAD.  
Brad is eleven years old and "bouncing" to camp.  He never thinks twice about leaping off tall objects and prefers doing most things up-side-down rather than right-side-up.  In fact, he practices!  He can do a single flip from his bunk bed, bounce off the wall and land on his feet.  That's how he gets out of bed in the morning.  The double bunk whammy is his new goal - it requires two full flips from the top bunk.  So far all he's done is eat a lot of carpet, but Brad doesn’t know how to be discouraged, he’ll just keep practicing until he gets it right.
As the children head to camp they hear rumors of a criminal loose in the country.  This doesn't bother Brad and he gaily bounces his way through his first day - taking special advantage of the climbing tree out behind the baseball diamond.  He receives quite a shock when the stern camp councilor catches him face in the dirt from a failed double flip and yells at him for performing dangerous activities!
The counselor's insistence that Brad cannot tumble smashes his natural confidence.  
Dispirited, he drags himself through camp enduring the pokes of the bully he had always been able to handle before he lost his bounce.  Then, at a camping cabin on Baldy Ridge, danger strikes.  The escaped criminal bursts into the children's cabin and holds them prisoner at gun point!  The danger to his friends evaporates Brad's fears and he springs into action performing a double bunk whammy onto bad Billy Bob’s head, smashing him to the floor.
In the end, the day is saved and Brad's bounce is back.
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