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From Connie Delaney Welcome to the home of the Easy-Calculation Knitting Patterns. All we have are patterns: for knit, crochet and weaving!

We are passionate about fiber arts with a focus on handspun and exotic yarns - those crazy, somewhat uneven yarns that need special care to create garments that fit.

We have the solution! Knit-so-it-fits.

Our Knit-So-It-Fits Original Patterns are listed in categories in the drop-down menus at the top of the site.

You will find both individual patterns, and theme pattern sets.

Favorite Patterns!


Ankle Warmers: It's that time of year when it is nice to keep the ankles warm. This floppy pair of leg warmers suits the bill, and not only that... the pattern is written so you can knit them both at the same time, one inside the other, using double knitting. It makes the project extra fun!


Freeform Hats!

The name says it all. Learn how to pick up some needles and yarn and knit a hat on the fly. This pattern opens your horizon to creating any hat you can imaging. 

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Try Our Pattern Themes

  • Under 'Knitting Pattern Sets' you will find packages of patterns designed around a central theme.
  • Under 'Shop For Individual Patterns' you will find all our patterns listed by type (i.e. Sweaters, Vests, etc).
  • More: We also have spinning instructions, a few recipes, and books.
  • Want to give it a try? Try our Free Knitting Pattern which shows the magic of our system. Click Here for Our Free Knitting Pattern

How Does It Work?

knitting patterns vestWith the SpinCraft Knitting System it's a whole new way to knit.

We have everything from socks to sweaters: hats, vests, mittens, ponchos--you name it! All patterns are the original creation of Connie Delaney, written with our special calculation method so you can use any yarn and get the right size in an easy, and creative way!

What you do is take measurements of both your swatch and the person you are knitting for. Then you do some simple calculations to find out how much to cast on, when to shape and how to finish. You can add your own creative touch to your work.

Instant Download

knitting pattern dollsPatterns are now available on this site only as a download. A link to download your pattern will be available the second you exit the shopping cart. We are not set up to take orders over the phone, or mail them out, as we do not have many of them printed. And of course it's better, shipping is FREE when you download!

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