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Top Down: Cable Knit Sweater

Skill Level: Advanced.
Yarn Suggestion: This sweater is attractive in a lighter weight yarn. Traditionally done in a light, or white color. Will need approximately 20-24 ounces, depending on size.

This sweater is knit in the round from the top down. It can be made to any size by increasing or decreasing the number of sts between vertical designs. Cable patterns are given in easy-to-follow diagrams. Quite striking! It's easy to get it to fit because you can try it on as you go.

It is a bit challenging to get started on this sweater, but once you have the collar started, and get through the first rows of the knit charts, it is really fun to be making such a magnificent thing!

Tip: The downloaded version of this pattern has bigger print and a larger knit chart than the Postal Mail version. So if you are having a little trouble seeing . . .


As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns this sweater can be knit to any size, using almost any yarn. What you will do is measure yourself, measure the gauge that comes from your yarn, and then perform some easy calculations to get the figures needed to knit this sweater. You are the designer!

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