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The world of modern knitting offers a lot to the world of creative socks. It used to be that turning a heel was a knitter's worse horror story. But today we benefit from ever-clearer instructions for how to make that special turn.
SpinCraft Patterns is a leader in the evolution of thinking around knitting patterns, and we offer one of the best descriptions ever for knitting socks. A great way to learn socks is with our "Best Socks" pattern. After a couple pairs, you'll be designing your own socks without the need of any pattern.
Avid knitters across the world are contributing to the evolution of sock knitting - as evidenced by the new fad of knitting socks with circular needles. If you are not a fan of double pointed needles, you can still enjoy knitting socks.
We also offer patterns for knitting socks on two regular needles, making them from the toe up, and a variety of color and texture styles.
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