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Dear Connie,
I can't say enough about your patterns. They are simply wonderful! I always know I will get easy to understand patterns that help me create custom fitting items. Just wish I could knit faster! Thanks!
Liz, I know just what you mean. Knitting is such a blast when we can put our own creativity into a project. Thanks for the encouraging words. - Connie 
Dear Connie,
After 35 years of knitting, I finally did something I have never done before! I just this minute finished a sweater that actually fit!! And you are the hero of the story because the pattern was your 2-button Rag Sweater!! I’m so excited and had to tell you right away! I don’t know how you came up with the math and measurements, but they sure work.
Kathy B., New Windsor, NY
Gee Kathy, thanks. Glad the pattern worked for you. You don’t want to know how I come up with the math because it is such a demented process... 
Dear Connie,
... used your pattern for the Sleeve to Sleeve sweater. I figured all the numbers, etc., and just kept knitting - it went on & on - I began to feel helpless - finally finished, put it on - FANTASTIC!!! So I entered it in our local county fair - Blue Ribbon, Best of Show Wool, Best of Show Handspun!!! Two trophies and $13.00 prize money.
Ruth D., Fredricksburg, TX
Congratulations. Wish I could see. 
Dear Connie, 
I've enjoyed your Pattern Newsletter, it helps me do things on my own. 
Anna S., Tacoma, WA 
Dear Anna - Thank you. My goal is for my patterns to point you in the right direction, then you can be as creative as possible. There are so many more ways to do it than the way I did it.