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Sit back in your chair and drop out of society at the same time. This book takes you on the journey of one young American as she shuns the world of commerce and escapes into the wilderness to learn from the rivers and trees.

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 Walking Without Footprints is the compelling story of the author in the early 1970’s as she grabs a backpack and heads into the mountainous wilderness of central Colorado. Connie’s story intertwines with wisdom and tales from Zen, Buddhist and Sufi traditions as she learns to escape from her own mind and conditionings. Add to this mix the past instigation of Catholic school nuns and the free-thinking mentality of the baby-boomer generation and you have a rebel who won’t quit until she has reached the deepest core of what it means to be a human being, alive on our planet today. Follow Connie on her adventure as she pitches a tipi and gets snowed into a mining claim cabin. Discover how to listen with your elbows, overcome fear of death, track a cougar, and walk through the world leaving no footprints behind. You’ll never see yourday-to-day life the same again.

Bio: Connie Delaney studied nature in remote western wilderness areas and has published numerous ecology and back-to-the-land articles. She is a handspinner, publisher of SpinCraft Patterns, and author of the premier spinning book: Spindle Spinning. She is an eclectic meditation teacher, Dances of Universal Peace leader, writer and website designer.

Walking Without Footprints is published by 200 pages. ISBN: 0-595-24660-5