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Leg or Ankle Warmers

Skill Level: Intermediate

There are a million ways to knit leg warmers, and they are super easy. A leg or ankle warmer set is simply two matching tubes.

The difference between leg warmers and ankle warmers is length. As you can tell from the names; an ankle warmer fits over the ankle. A leg warmer goes further up the leg, typically to the knee.

Believe it or not, a pair of ankle warmers can save you hundreds of dollars! All the blood of your body pumps down through the legs, and then back up into the body returning to the heart. If you can keep your ankles warm, then your feet will be much warmer, and your blood will stay toasty in its constant journey. Wearing leg warmers will enable you to turn the thermostat down another notch and still stay warm!

Make yourself a pair of wrist warmers and you’ll be even warmer!

Ankle Warmers are super easy, but this pattern is listed as Intermediate because we use double knitting.

Here is a video of double knitting the legwarmers in action:

So here we go… double knit leg warmers.

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