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Three Ways to Shape a Sweater in this Pack

Skill Level: Intermediate with many Variations (you can make it killer complex if you want!)

Sweater shapes don't have to be boring to knit! There are so many ways to shape a sweater and this pack helps us explore three exciting options. With the purchase of this combination of knitting patterns you will discover unique shaping ideas, and soon be designing your own projects around these great shapes.

You can start from the bottom, or the top, add shawl collars, or fun saddle shoulders. Must-have instructions for the knitter's library! And lots of color too! These three patterns have beautiful color combinations and are very striking to knit and wear.

Tou'll love the style!

  • Shawl Collar Sweater: This sweater starts at the bottom ribbing and works towards the top, finishing in one piece with no seams to sew up. Last touch is adding a full shawl collar to keep that neck (and even those ears) nice and warm on a blusterly day! Our pattern suggests a fun color scheme, and variations are unlimited.
  • Saddle Shoulder Cardigan: Start down at the bottom of this sweater, and knit up with fun color combinations. Top is fitted with a handy saddle shoulder join. Very nice to knit.
  • Top-Down Saddle Shoulder Pullover: Yes. You can start a sweater by working the collar and saddle shoulder, and then work down until it fits perfectly. This sweater has great color combinations and you can add thousands of variations of your own!

By downloading these three patterns you pay less than the price of two patterns individually mailed! And you don't pay for shipping -- That adds up to big savings.

Yarn Suggestion: Good with absolutely any kind of yarn. Will need approximately 20-24 ounces, depending on size.

As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns these items can be knit to any size, using almost any yarn. What you will do is measure yourself, measure the gauge that comes from your yarn, and then perform some easy calculations to get the figures needed to knit this piece. You are the designer!

And best of all ... You can download all these patterns instantly into your computer! 

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