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Three Lace Patterns in this Pack

Skill Level: Experienced, though any thoughtful knitter can make these pieces.

Knit some beautiful lace sweaters with this set of patterns. You have many options here, and once you learn our great shaping and lace techniques you'll be off designing more of your own. You can start your sweater at the bottom of the project, or up on the neck. Necks are shapped various ways, and we also have a modified raglan shoulder on two of these pieces. This creates a very nice taylored fit; very much like a set in sleeve-but knit all in one piece. When you are done knitting on your sweater there are no seams to sew up. Just put it on and go!

These are some very creative and fun projects.

Lace is easy to knit with our charting diagrams!


  • Spindle Blouse: This pattern starts with the same basic idea as our Sure-to-Fit Sweater. Cast on the right number of stitches for your neck, and then work downwards increasing Raglan shoulders until you have the right fit. You can make it to any length, with short or long sleeves. It is the perfect project to make with your spindle spun yarn as you can let it grow slowly as your spinning progresses. Lovely lace patterns are added in sections.
  • V-Neck Cardigan: After awhile you might get tired of a full raglan sleeve, and be looking for something with a more fitted look. This sweater pattern is for you! The modified raglan increase has all the advantages of starting a sweater at the top and trying it on for fit as you go, with the addition of the great fitted look. This version has several attractive lace stitches done in bands for a very beautiful finish.
  • Lace Sweater with Saddle Shoulder: This sweater starts at the bottom of the piece which is very nice because you can get used to a more complicated lace pattern without having to worry about any increases (as done when starting at the neck). This pattern has a modified raglan fit that ends in an attractive saddle shoulder.

By downloading these three patterns you pay less than the price of two patterns individually mailed! And you don't pay for shipping -- That adds up to big savings.

Yarn Suggestion: Lace is generally best with a lighter weight yarn. Will need approximately 20 ounces, depending on size.


As with all SpinCraft Knitting Patterns these items can be knit to any size, using almost any yarn. What you will do is measure yourself, measure the gauge that comes from your yarn, and then perform some easy calculations to get the figures needed to knit this piece. You are the designer!

And best of all ... You can download all these patterns instantly into your computer!

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